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Apex Legends Fan Spends two Months Building Bonzai Plaza In Minecraft

Olympus appears to be more blocky than what I remember.

Iain Harris

Published: 10 August 2021

Minecraft often hosts a number of beautiful builds, but we've been a bit spoiled of late when it is about seeing iconic scenes from other games beautifully recreated. We recently featured an Minecraft player who built the entire Zelda: Breath of the Wild map, while another person has given the town center the Minecraft treatment. Battle royale games are now receiving some appreciation. Minecraft servers One fan rebuilt Bonzai Plaza using Apex Legends.

Reddit user Shaun_eevee posted their build to Reddit. He explained that the entire process took approximately two months since they started at the end of May. The building is stunning. You have the three central structures looming over the others, with cherry blossom trees scattered around.
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It appears like the project is just the start, too, as Shaun states that they have plans to build other areas of the Olympus map. They also plan to make the map accessible for download by others and explore, although this is some time away from becoming reality.

You can check it out below:

I made a "Bonsai Plaza" in Minecraft! It took me 2 months to create this using apexlegends

This isn't even the first time we've seen Apex Legends receive the Minecraft treatment, with another fan recreating the World's Edge map at one point. Both are worth a look If you're as keen on Minecraft builds as we are.