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American Hackers 'bomb' Minecraft Version Of Denmark

American hackers "bomb" Minecraft version of Denmark and raise stars and stripes in cyber-attack

Hackers from the US have financed a method to sneak explosives into games, and to blow up entire areas of the US.

Have even raised the American flag

Published at 15:50 EDT on May 8, 2014. Updated: 17.27 EDT on 8 May 2014.


The Danish government's plan to recreate the entire country using the hit computer game Minecraft has been shattered by hackers' attacks.

Officials confirmed that large cities - including Copenhagen were damaged by users who discovered a way to smuggle virtual dynamite, which is believed to be banned from the Danish area of the Minecraft world.

Parts of the city are being rebuilt by the Danish government.

Danish officials have acknowledged that "Several large Danish towns were razed to the ground and many new things have been built all around the place."


The government was the first to fully integrate a nation into the huge Minecraft games. It hoped it would help make learning more enjoyable for students.

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It even created a set of lessons plans for teachers to guide them through the virtual version of their country.

Initial reports of the destruction claimed that entire cities had been ruined.

The claims were denied , however.

"Entire cities are not completely fake." It's just MINOR areas," said Chris Hammekenof the Danish GeoData Agency

'We consider that as a nature of playing Minecraft - elements are broken down and new are being created.

"We will not rerun the Minecraft demonstration in Denmark on Minecraft.

'But occasionally we will reconstruct minor areas if the buildings are taken away and nothing new is made.'

'We have constructed Denmark online in Minecraft in order that young people can plant their own forests and build riding schools, lakes, biogas plant, wind turbine and many more the Kirsten Brosbol, Danish Minister for the Environment, at the launch of the project.

"Pupils believe it is more fun to work on their own home, street and so forth.